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"Dunedin Solutions understands the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industry and brings a creative and intelligent approach that addresses the complexity of our business objectives. Our work with Mo Hakimi and Dunedin Solutions continues to open new doors and surface new opportunities for continuous changing world."

We invited Dunedin Solutions in 2017-2018 to analyze and provide recommendations for improving the execution of our Smart Power Product Line's innovation projects, from research to proof-of-concept. Mo Hakimi developed and delivered a customized innovation model (iModel) that enabled us to systematize "research-to-commercialization" disciplines that are best-in-class.   Mo exceeded my expectation by delivering systematic development process that went beyond proof-of-concept, it went all the way to commercialization phase. 

In 2019, we asked Dunedin Solutions back to NXP to help us identify revenue growth opportunities based on a specific, 5-year revenue target for our Personal Health Product Line. 

- Chae Lee, Senior VP and General Manager, Secure Interfaces & Power Business Line in NXP Semiconductor, USA

"Dunedin Solutions’ healthcare technology and life science expertise brings the knowledge and a unique business view that add real value."

Mo Hakimi provided SIS Ventures with valuable insight as we worked towards participation in EnteroBiotix’ s late-seed May 2019 investment round. Dunedin Solutions has a sector focus on healthcare technology and life science – armed with this industry knowledge, and with a unique view of the business as an existing investor who was working closely with the management team, Mo was able to add real value to SIS Ventures approach.

- Rob Halliday, Fund Manager, Social Investment Scotland

"Dunedin Solutions and its network of advisers provided very useful commercial viability assessments and excellent industry insight."

In 2017 and 2018, Dunedin Solutions provided very useful commercial viability assessments of a number of our life sciences opportunities. Their early interest and due diligence activity was beneficial to ClinSpec Dx, a prospective spin-out company at that time. Dunedin's network of advisors provided excellent feedback on aspects of the clinical plans and overall business strategy.

- Dr Catherine Breslin, IP & Commercialisation team, Innovation & Industry Engagement, University of Strathclyde

"Dunedin Solutions’ expertise brings the skills necessary for a fully operational Advisory Board."

Dunedin Solutions consists of a team of hands-on professionals which together have the skills necessary for a fully operational Advisory Board. Being part of such a varied team allowed me to understand the interplay between IP and innovation management and the technical, commercial, financial and strategic functions of a business.

- Dr Claudia Duffy, Founder of Innovare IP Limited

"The Dunedin team of advisors provided great industry engagement workshop support and follow up communications."

In the summer of 2019, Dunedin Solutions provided introductions and facilitated a corporate workshop with the University of Strathclyde and a leading multinational technology company to discuss potential research areas with cross disciplinary groups from our HealthTech Cluster. The Dunedin team of advisors provided great support in both the preparation and follow up around the event and communication with the senior level commercial team.

- Dr Neil Guthrie, Industry Engagement Team, Innovation & Industry Engagement, University of Strathclyde

"Dunedin Solutions played a key role in guiding and supporting our team to deliver complex projects on time and budget, ultimately leading to a successful acquisition."

We engaged with Mo Hakimi at Dunedin Solutions initially to provide programme management and project execution support as a startup engaging with a US multinational. Mo played a key role in the development of this critical relationship, guiding and supporting the team to deliver complex projects on time and budget over a 2 1/2 period, ultimately leading to a successful acquisition. Mo’s experience and expertise were instrumental in this process, covering project execution and development, contract negotiation, strategic planning and relationship management, as well as investing in the business. We would not have achieved the outcomes we did without Mo's support and commitment.

- Ed Granville, CTO, Calvatec LTD

Our relationship with Dunedin Solutions has been beneficial for NXP. They are industry experts in their field. In multiple opportunities, Mo and his team were able create a collaborative and innovative environment to help us set up a structured way to execute efficiently around new concepts. Another opportunity brought key industry leaders across Medical, Semiconductors, University, NHS and Government sectors together to look for ways to combine new technologies that drive innovation in the health care ecosystem. The compassion of Dunedin Solutions is to bring technologies and people together to make a better world for our families.

- Jim Spehar, Vice President R&D BL Advanced Analog, NXP Semiconductor, USA

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