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10 NOVEMBER 2023

Edinburgh-Based Dunedin Solutions Expands Its Scientific Team To Support Innovations In The Field of Immunology & Infection Diseases

We are privileged to welcome Professor Peter Barlow, joining our team of experts as an immensely valuable scientist in the field of immunology and infection diseases. Peter is Chair of Immunology & Infection, and Director of the Centre for Biomedicine & Global Health at Edinburgh Napier University.  He brings 22 years of experience in fundamental laboratory research, principally studying the human innate immune system with a view to developing novel, peptide-based therapeutics for viral infections.  His career history includes fellowships within the University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research and the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). He has a strong focus on science and technology innovation, specifically in the life sciences.

17 AUGUST 2020

Edinburgh-Based Dunedin Solutions Strengthens Its Market Access Capabilities Into The Greater China Region

Dunedin Solutions is thrilled to announce that Nick Mackie has joined its team of experts to lead the development of “China Engagement Solutions”. This is exciting news because we’re even better situated to help the biotech Startups and partners when they need to take their product and services to the Greater China region. Read more about this great news.

1 JUNE 2020

Edinburgh-Based Dunedin Solutions Strengthens Its Support for Biotech Startups

Dunedin Solutions Limited (Dunedin), an advisory firm dedicated to fast-tracking the innovations of emerging biotech companies to market, today announced that it has appointed Pirooz Parvarandeh as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Professor Charles P. Swainson as Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

19 MAY 2020

New study published by Dunedin Expert & Professor Ian Kunkler: Precision Medicine and the Role of Biomarkers of Radiotherapy Response in Breast Cancer

In addition to their excellent work with our clients, Dunedin Solutions experts are busy researching and creating positive change in the world around us, at the intersection of health and technology. Be sure to check out the latest study co-authored by Ian Kunkler, Dunedin Solutions expert and Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Edinburgh. 

Click below to read the study, Precision Medicine and the Role of Biomarkers of Radiotherapy Response in Breast Cancer, published in the April 2020 issue of Frontiers in Oncology.

5 MAY 2020

Dunedin Expert and Professor Charles Swainson reviews the case for Data-Intensive Healthcare

In addition to driving results for Dunedin's biotech startup clients, our experts are heads down doing work that improves our health.

Click below to read Professor Charles Swainson's co-authored study, Establishing Data-Intensive Healthcare: The Case of Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration Systems in Scotland, published in the Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics. 

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