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Commercialisation, Dunedin Solutions

Navigate the path to successful commercialisation and monetisation of your innovation

Once you have a working product and are executing according to your strategy and business plan, it will be important that your commercialisation and monetisation strategy yields the desired results. This means evaluating your manufacturing partners, sales channels and sales models, as well as establishing a strong brand and ensuring your customers are happy. Each of these require a unique skillset and specific industry experience.

We have walked this path many times in our careers. Here are some of the areas where we can help you: 

  • EVALUATE AND ENGAGE with your production and manufacturing partners

  • DRIVE the right sales strategy through clear customer segmentation: Direct sales, distribution sales, sales representatives (*hint, each of these have their own best practices and KPIs)

  • BUILD an effective brand and marketing strategy that reaches your customers

  • DELIVER customer support that ensures customer satisfaction

  • CREATE the right pricing strategy for each customer group and geographic location

  • DEVELOP appropriate customer and partner contracts

  • CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCT the best business model for the business, whether it’s licensing, co-branding, white labelling, or one of many other possibilities

  • PROTECT the business as it scales by regularly reassessing partners and ensuring the right IP strategy

  • LEVERAGE our fast-track, low cost "public healthcare" path in the Scotland to commercialise global public health organisations, private health, pharma and insurance markets


Healthcare & Corporate (1 of 2)

A very large Biotech firm located in the US was working on a next generation DNA sequencing technology. It needed to enhance the performance of a technology it had acquired. In order to do so, it had to perfect technologies that would enhance the performance of the base technology. It had to translate the concept into a full-fledged system with the proper consumables, hardware and software components.

What We Did 

  • Helped scale up the workforce to accelerate time to market.

  • Helped interface between different and disparate disciplines in order to bring such a complex system together.

  • Established best practices for the optimal performance of a multi-disciplinary team and to ensure effective execution.

  • Helped solve problems at the organizational level and at the technical level.

How We Added Value

  • Organizational scaling expertise.

  • Streamlining of communications and creating a common understanding of deliverables from each team.

  • Best practices for the management of multi-disciplinary teams.

Robotics & China Startup (2 of 2)

Two Chinese postgraduates had set up a new company as a university spin off to manufacture and market a mobile, versatile, advanced robot with autonomous navigation. They wanted to apply for grants and consider outside investors to scale up manufacture and begin sales and wanted to maintain a strong R & D base in the UK.

What We Did 

  • Helped to write a business strategy and plan

  • Market analysis

  • Manufacturing option appraisal

  • Introduction to key public funders in China

How We Added Value

  • Think through a business strategy with locations in two countries

Healthcare Ecosystem, Dunedin Solutions


Enable your innovation as an integral part of the healthcare landscape and ecosystem.

Your strategy, business plan and commercial success require continual adaptation to an ever-changing ecosystem. Customers, competitors, regulations, partners, partnerships, external forces and new technologies require that you are aware, alert and agile. That’s why it’s important to leverage what you do have in your control to your advantage. Some changing forces can be discerned in advance, while others require swift and decisive action with limited notice. We have been there and are here to support you.

Here are a few areas where our team can help guide you through this ever-changing landscape:

  • AUGMENT YOUR NETWORK with ours and establish connections to KOLs

  • LEVERAGE OUR RELATIONSHIPS with the NHS, Universities, Academia, CROs, insurance companies, regulators, system integrators and other partners and stakeholders

  • IMPROVE your time to market and value creation through partnerships and collaboration with corporate and industry entities

  • USE OUR NETWORK to fit into Technology Enabled Care (TEC), National Digital Platform (NDP), NHS, Industry and Academia ecosystem


Healthcare Scotland & Corporate

A very large multi-national corporation had a goal of expanding their product offerings and presence in the medical market. They were looking for new avenues to monetize their existing technologies and were interested in finding nascent companies in various medical market segments to partner with or to acquire. We found a good match for this collaboration.

What We Did 

  • Conducted a comprehensive scan of the various innovations in the UK academic institutions.

  • Identified a number of promising technologies and ventures that might be a match for the needs of this corporate client.

  • Arranged discussions between the corporate client and the NHS.

  • Arranged for introductions and in-depth discussions between the corporation and the university spin-outs.

  • Provided guidance in order to create a win-win scenario for both parties.

How We Added Value

  • Awareness of the research being undertaken.

  • Awareness of the needs of the researchers and potential corporate partners.

  • NHS connection and awareness of key areas of interest for the.

  • Best practices for creating a match between the two parties.

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