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Investment & Fundraising, Dunedin Solutions

Confidently build your investor-ready pitch and learn to choose the right investor partner.

You may be at an initial stage (Pre-seed or Seed) or later stage (Series A,B,C) of investment from a business investor, angel investor or a Venture Capital firm (VC). If this is your first round of raising money, it is expected that you have already used your own money or investment from friends and family. Fundraising requires the right strategies in order to get the highest valuation for the best dilution of shares—and this gets harder as you move up the investor food chain.

Angel investors or VCs providing capital will make increasing demands in the term sheet as the stakes increase. Our team brings 20+ years of experience as private and angel investors. We’ve worked with dozens of startups in the UK and USA and have valuable network of private, business angels and VC investors that we can (and do) tap into.

We can help you conduct your investment due diligence series and will guide you toward the best investment strategy for your business. We will also support the development and delivery of your "Investor-Ready" proposal to the right investors in our network, based on your financial goals.

We're here to help you in several areas, including:

  • DEVELOP creative ways to bootstrap and self-fund your business (and minimise dilution)

  • MEET with high networth investors in our network, as well as business angels and VCs in the UK, USA and China

  • GUIDE you toward the best investment strategy for your business, and negotiating investor term sheets

  • SECURE the right investors and best valuation for your business

  • IDENTIFY your unique selling proposition, growth potential and the competitive landscape

  • BUILD the investor structure and realistic projections to get the business up and running, including what you need, where it will go, and when investors will get their money back

  • FINANCIALLY MODEL and analyse hard data to back up good profit potential and high rate of returns

  • SOURCE grants, public funds and investment with realistic timelines

  • ARTICULATE financial planning and control with milestone checkpoints, risk factors and mitigation plans and your core team's expertise and execution capability


Biotech & Startup

The founder of a highly innovative lifesciences company (a Scottish university spin-off) engaged Dunedin Solutions to help them secure the seed investment they needed to take their solution to the next level.

What We Did 

  • Invested in the initial seed investment (year 1)

  • Invested in series A and B (year 2 and year 3) alongside a reputable angel investor and a Venture capitalist

  • Provided advisory and coaching for their executives.

How We Added Value

  • Seed investment: Direct investment as part of £250K round

  • Series A investment: Co-investment with business angel (part of £2M round)

  • Series B Investment: Through leading VC (part of £8M round)

  • Consulting service agreement for 12 months

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