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Executive Leadership, Dunedin Solutions


Empower founders and executives with timely expert advice and mentorship while operationalizing and executing the strategy and business plan.

Even with the best idea, strategy, business plan and investor funding, it’s important to ask yourself whether you have the right skills and experience to manage all aspects of the business—including the interdependencies and complexities—while navigating a dynamic market and new competitive threats.

This is where execution expertise, customised for your needs, is a driving factor in delivering against your business plans and exit goals.

We can help you:

  • FLAWLESSLY EXECUTE against your strategy and monetisation roadmap

  • DEVELOP and MODEL business to become integral part of the healthcare ecosystem

  • CREATE a well-structured business plan and timely response to market dynamics and the competitive landscape

  • MEET with Dunedin Solutions' network of experts, advisors and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and utilise their expertise

  • SECURE effective, timely investment appraisals and investors term sheet negotiations

  • SCALE up and commercialise with compelling sales and marketing infrastructure

  • EVALUATE market dynamics and respond in real time, including ongoing technology, operations, strategies and business plan reviews

  • COACHING and MENTORING real-time support for the executive team for:

    • Product development, operations and financial control

    • Intellectual property and business legal and tax affairs

    • Clinical trials and regulations

    • Headhunting, recruitment and HR legal compliance


Biotech & Startup

A highly talented executive team (CxOs) in a Scottish Biotech company (university spin-off) were looking for experienced executives to help them with the development of their business plan, investment plans and various operational and IP related issues and challenges. They specifically needed advisory support on a regular on-going basis prior to their regular board


What We Did 

  • Provided 12-month consulting service agreement, tackling broad range of business challenging and critical operational issues.

How We Added Value

  • Bi-monthly workshop-style meetings with their CxO to review and address BOD challenges.​

  • Shared expertise and best practices: provided timely and necessary advice to the executive team, ranging from investment planning, business plan, intellectual property to operations and recruitment.​

  • Development of Intellectual Property strategy and roadmap

  • Real-time coaching to the CEO outside the service agreement​

  • Project management: New Product development, project planning (next generation system solution), best practices and tools

  • Recruitment, interviews and training of the new staff

Operations, Dunedin Solutions


Access the needed experts, advisors or KOLs in a timely manner and as necessary — on an interim, permanent, part-time or full-time basis

In addition to your well-defined strategy and business plan right from the start, you will also need a credible TEAM of experts at the right time to help shape up your company and influence its success at the lowest cost. Finding and employing the right executives and professionals for any startup surfaces challenges. They tend to be too expensive (i.e., unaffordable) or they find that the startup environment is too risky to take the leap.

At Dunedin Solutions, we bring 100+ combined years of experience that can be used as interim resources, scaling up or down as-needed, to build a strong foundation until permanent executives are carefully vetted and hired.

We provide customized solutions around building a credible TEAM that delivers the ultimate business results, including:

  • CxO (Interim or part-time), keeping your cost down while building a strong board of directors (BOD) with permanent hires

  • EXTERNAL ADVISORS and key opinion leaders (KOL) to support the executive leadership team and the BOD

  • ACCESS to key decision makers, influencers and customers within the healthcare ecosystem through your external team

  • SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS across a variety of areas, including:

    • Fundraising, intellectual property, new technology development and healthcare regulations

    • Sales/marketing, manufacturing, legal, human resources and project management

  • EXPERTISE to build high-performing teams and a solid, results-driven company culture​


Biotech & Startup (1 of 2)

A leading innovative Biotech company in the UK was looking for a team of advisors with the right expertise to help their young inexperienced executives to build traction immediately after their seed stage round.

What We Did 

  • Provided 12-month advisory services agreement to deliver bi-monthly workshop-style meetings with their CxOs to tackle their business challenges and critical operational issues before they were presented to their BOD for approvals.

How We Added Value

  • Shared expertise and best practices​

  • Validation and improvement of company's strategy and business plan​

  • Investment plans​

  • Intellectual property strategy, roadmap and planning​

  • Various clinical, technological and operational issues and challenges​

  • New product development (new design)​

  • Project Management: Planning and best practices for project execution​

  • Recruitment and interviews​

  • Building empowered high performing team and company culture

Technology & Startup (2 of 2)

An innovative semiconductor Startup company based in the UK was looking to secure a design contract with a California-based customer. This customer would award them with a contract only if they could demonstrate their technical acumen and project execution competency.

What We Did 

  • Facilitated a successful supplier qualification.

  • Helped pairing the company's innovative, disruptive technology with a high caliber development team and helped the co-founders to establish clear strategy, business plan, financial models, scenario plans and robust execution plan.

How We Added Value

  • Bootstrap business model

  • None-dilutive investment

  • New product development: Project planning, risk management, staffing

  • Technical and commercial approvals: Shareholders and customers

  • Customer and supplier negotiation, legal and contracts

iModel, Dunedin Solutions


Fast track research and innovation projects to proof-of-concept (POC) and commercialisation using Agile methodology and the fail-fail-fast model.

We’ll help you develop the expertise you need to transform your research ideas into a commercialised and profitable product through use iModel©  (Innovation model) — collaborative Agile execution methodology developed for startups and corporations by Dunedin Solutions.

This model is designed to help you excel your business and achieve results, including:

  • FAST-TRACK, low-cost research to proof of concept (POC)

  • COLLABORATIVE and structured engagement with the end customer to validate and de-risk your research projects and the R&D budget

  • EFFECTIVE prototyping and implementation 

  • SMOOTHER business integration into the healthcare ecosystem: public health, private health, pharma, CROs and insurance sectors

  • INCREASED chance of commercialisation success

  • DE-RISKING your acquisition and exit strategy goals


Technology & Corporate

One of the business lines in a large American-Dutch semiconductor corporation with dual headquarters in Netherlands and USA with $9B turnover, 29,000 employees and 11,000 engineers in 33 countries, needed help to improve execution of their research projects and accelerated revenue recognition for their critical research projects.

What We Did 

  • Developed and implemented a customised version of iModel (Innovation Model) for one of corporate's "Product Lines" and integrated in their engineering/IT ecosystem.

  • Conducted various hands-on workshops with their R&D, applications engineering, design, business management and project management teams so the solution would fit into the cross-functional teams.

  • This was a very successful initiative, as such the client decided to roll out this solution across 6 other product lines.

How We Added Value

  • Best in class Research (innovation) to Proof-Of-Concept (POC) methodology

  • Fast-track low cost commercialisation

  • Process definition for a cross-functional team (Design, Business, Sales/marketing and Project management)

  • Risk management and RACI (roles/responsibilities)es)

Project Management.png


Define, plan, execute and deliver results for large, complex product development and commercialisation projects.

When scientists and engineers attempt to manage projects, they are not focusing on their core skills and values, i.e. the innovation! Ask yourself, do you and your team have the project management expertise to take your product beyond Proof of Concept (POC) and prototype to commercialisation? Do you know how to integrate and control all aspects of the project (people, equipment, resources, tools, funding)? Are you in a position to ensure the needed knowledge and resources are deployed at the right time, and the expected results are produced in a timely, cost-effective manner?

The use of hardcore project management expertise, methodologies and tools are critical to the success of startups. Our team at Dunedin Solutions brings more than 20 years of knowledge and experience managing 30+ real-life, complex, high-value R&D projects.

We can help you:

  • ACCELERATE commercialisation of research ideas and innovation projects

  • SUCCESSFULLY deliver projects on time, on budget and on quality using "Agile" and Wideband Delphi best practices

  • CONSTRUCT internal and external interdependencies

  • USE INDUSTRY-LEADING project planning, tracking, control and reporting tools

  • LEVERAGE our proven methodology for rapid assessment and recovery of projects if/when in trouble​

  • MANAGE risks and mitigation​

  • NEGOTIATE with the customers, suppliers and stakeholders​

  • MANAGE all legal and regulation matters​

  • COMMUNICATE to stakeholders key project details and progress against plan


Biotech & Startup (1 of 2)

The CEO of a Startup company in the Biotech sector in the UK needed help with the execution of a complex new product development project. They wanted to develop a complex commercially viable system solution (a derivative from their prototype system) with various technological advancements to meet their business plan financial demand. The expected outcome of the project was to (a) improve quality (b) reduce cost (c) Incorporate advanced automation capabilities (d) scale up production capacity, and (e) include advanced electronics and intelligence features.

What We Did 

  • Facilitated a 2-day, hands-on workshop together with the CEO, COO, CTO, project manager and their external supplier/consultant

  • Developed a project plan and captured detailed, actionable list of risk and issues.

How We Added Value

  • A well-defined project plan

  • Realistic schedule, cost/budget implications and shortfalls

  • Risk assessment and contingency plan

  • Resource plan and critical skills gap summary

  • Best-in-class project management tools and practices

  • Training CxOs and the project manager on effective project execution

Technology & Corporate (2 of 2)

One of the business lines in a large American-Dutch semiconductor corporation with dual headquarters in Netherlands and USA with $9B turnover, 29,000 employees and 11,000 engineers in 33 countries, needed help with one of their troubled high-value strategic project plans. They needed help with project management expertise and re-planning of their multi-million gates silicon development project which had 33-man project team members geographically spread across three different design centres.

What We Did 

  • Facilitated a 2-days hands-on face-to-face project planning workshop in a single location.

  • This was an eye opening and great learning initiative for the PMO (Project Management Office) and general manager of the business line, as such they decided to roll out this methodology for all of their future R&D projects.

How We Added Value

  • Single cohesive and interdependent project plan (with individual sub-project plans)

  • Realistic schedule and project charter

  • Risk assessment and contingency plan

  • Resource plan and costing

  • Best-in-class project management tools and practices

  • Training project managers

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