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Dunedin Solutions, Partner to Biotech Startups, Appoints Pirooz Parvarandeh as CTO and Professor Charles P. Swainson as CMO

Edinburgh, Scotland, June, 01 2020Dunedin Solutions Limited (Dunedin), an advisory firm dedicated to fast-tracking the innovations of emerging biotech companies to market, today announced that it has appointed Pirooz Parvarandeh as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Professor Charles P. Swainson as Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

“Charles and Pirooz both bring more than three decades of experience in their respective fields,” says Dunedin CEO and founder Mo Hakimi. “Charles excels in finding solutions to real world problems. He brings a strong connection to the market in China, and invaluable experience across strategic analysis and planning in complex healthcare systems and performance improvement. Pirooz’s work in advisory and consulting roles in the US market, as well as his senior leadership as CTO in the technology space, lend critical expertise that will support our clients at all stages of their business, from startup to exit.” 

Hakimi continues, “The added expertise that Charles and Pirooz bring to Dunedin will provide significant value for our clients, partners and network of investors. Together, our ability to identify the best journey for our clients’ unique innovations and goals will bring our clients to market quickly and successfully, without missing a step.”

Due diligence is the mother of good luck and Dunedin aims to solve for the challenges many biotech Startups face when seeking commercial success. This includes leaning on a panel of experts that touch every aspect of a business, allowing clients to scale up or down and augment their leadership teams as needed for efficiency and excellence at lowest cost. With industry veterans Parvarandeh and Swainson joining the leadership team, Dunedin is poised to offer well-rounded, end-to-end expertise, and extended network, resulting in even faster commercialisation across UK, US, China and the rest of Europe.  

As Dunedin’s CTO, Parvarandeh brings close to 40 years of related experience in tech across in-house, advisory and consulting roles in the biotech, semiconductor, machine learning/AI, software and system sectors. He serves as COO for TAYGO Inc., and prior to that was the COO of Aquantia, until its acquisition in 2019. Parvarandeh spent 27 years at Maxim Integrated, including serving as the company’s first CTO, building leading-edge technology businesses and scaling the company from 150 employees to more than 8,000 employees and an annual revenue of $2.4B.

“I am honored to join the Dunedin team and to continue the momentum of their impressive, proven track record in building businesses and helping biotech Startups navigate uncharted territory,” says Parvarandeh. “Dunedin is well-positioned to tap into the intellect and ideas in the biotech sector that originate from Scottish and US Universities. Furthermore, I look forward to introducing US Biotech Startup opportunities into the Scottish healthcare sector. Together, our team brings the skillsets our biotech entrepreneurs seek to execute successfully on their ideas and to go to market in an efficient and timely manner.”

Charles joined Dunedin solutions in 2017, bringing core expertise in strategic planning and execution in the area of medical and biotech innovation. He trained as a kidney specialist in the UK and has more than 30 years of experience as a renal specialist. He’s also served as a clinical leader, medical director and Board member, with previous work that includes planning, patient safety, R&D and serving as a University liaison and advisory to the Scottish government on health policies. Charles is a serial Angel investor in a variety of companies, and a social enterprise, and has served on Boards and as an advisor—all experience that makes him a valuable addition to the Dunedin leadership team as they bring life-changing innovations to market, faster.

“I have worked with Mo and Pirooz over the past four years and continue to be impressed by their depth of knowledge,” says Swainson. “I believe that innovation is the life blood of progress, and I am thrilled to join Dunedin as CMO where we all believe that discovering and nurturing talent is worthwhile, and execution is key to success."

Under the leadership of industry veterans Parvarandeh, Swainson and Hakimi, Dunedin is gaining the momentum in accelerating the innovations of their biotech Startup clients even faster than before, and across broader markets, including the US, Europe and China. For more information, visit www.


About Dunedin Solutions Limited

At Dunedin Solutions Limited (Dunedin), we understand the complexity and the challenges faced by the Startups and entrepreneurs aiming to integrate into the healthcare ecosystem. With a team of industry veterans in the health and technology industries and a wealth of experience scaling from startup to exit, Dunedin brings the knowledge and commitment to drive Startup success. We enable fast track commercialisation of our clients’ innovations at the lowest cost, fastest route to market at the highest valuation. Visit for more information.

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