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Startups Strategy & Business Plan


Do you know how to create a winning strategy and a robust business plan?

Developing a winning strategy and robust business plan requires a systematic approach that addresses many questions, and questions many assumptions. First time entrepreneurs tend to be blind to their ideas' weaknesses and would benefit from the advice and guidance of highly experienced professionals who ask the right questions and identify weaknesses in a startup’s strategy and business plan.

Just remember ...
Successful companies have well-thought out strategies and business plans. We know how to ...

Startups Investment


Do you know how to prepare and deliver a credible “Investor-Ready” pitch to raise funds for your innovation?

It’s important to ask whether your business plan is keeping the investors’ perspective in mind. Due diligence will help you more effectively reach your financing goals and ensure that you are able to provide the information your investors want before they’ll consider an investment.

Chase the vision, not the money. The money will follow when you master the process of raising capital.

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Due diligence is the mother of good luck. We know how to ...

Startups Execution & Operations


Do you know how to effectively deliver the results expected of you by your stakeholders?

Your concept may have the potential to disrupt the world we live in. However, in order to be ahead of your competition, you will need a highly motivated and like-minded team of experts around you to make that disruption a reality. Not only can our team of experts help you with the development of the right strategy and business plan, but also, and very importantly, with the successful execution of all aspects of your business along the way, from research, new product development and operations, to commercialisation and exit at the lowest cost and fastest route.

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Successful companies excel at execution. We know how to ...

Startups Commercialisation


Do you know how to create value for current and potential investors?

Acquiring customers and meeting their expectations is paramount to a successful business. You’ll need to ask yourself many questions. For example, will you need to establish strategic partnerships or find manufacturing partners? What distribution channels will you use?

There many aspects to consider from making your first prototype through shipping to your customers in volume.

Just remember ...
Successful companies excel in transforming an idea into revenue. We know how to ...



Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Dunedin Solutions understands the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industry and brings a creative and intelligent approach that addresses the complexity of our business objectives. Our work with Mo Hakimi and Dunedin Solutions continues to open new doors and surface new opportunities for continuous changing world.

- Chae Lee, Senior VP and General Manager, Secure Interfaces & Power Business Line in NXP Semiconductor, USA

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